“Nurturing Nana”

Certified Postpartum Doula…Offering Expert Support to New Parents

As a mom and grandmother with years of educating and supporting new parents, Joan Durham brings over 40 years of experience to the role of Postpartum Doula. She provides a nurturing touch to families, easing the transition after birth by providing information, assistance, and resources. leading to greater confidence and assurance so that, as parents, they are the best MOM and DAD for their infant. She is certified by DONA International.

Joan has 3 sons born in the late 1960s. She breastfed all of her children and through that experience discovered her passion for the art of breastfeeding. In 1969 she became a La Leche League (LLL) leader and started a chapter in Tulsa, OK. Joan remained active with LLL until 1975.

After raising her own kids and, beginning in 1998, nurturing her grandchildren, Joan felt that she wanted to extend her care to the community outside her own circle and support families who need a loving nurturing guide. In 2005 she started the journey to become a Postpartum Doula and share with new families her experience and wealth of informative support. Joan became certified by DONA International, the world’s largest doula organization.

Today Joan has 7 grandchildren of her own. She supports many families as a postpartum doula and looks forward to growing along with the Los Angeles area families as a “nurturing nana.” Joan is also in the process of building a program to help families outside of this area so they can receive the benefits of her knowledge and support.

Nurturing Nana’s Philosophy…in Joan’s words…

“I bring my experiences and knowledge gained over 40 years as a mother, and now a grandmother, to the profession of Postpartum Doula. My hope is that as I assist new moms and dads with the practical care of their newborn, I can continue to learn to nurture, educate, and support new parents. I truly believe I bring much of what will demystify the experience of welcoming their precious bundle. My intent is to assist in building their confidence step by step so that my presence is slowly but surely no longer needed.

While there are more and more resources available to parents as they enter parenthood and expand their families, the reality is that our society has evolved so that families are more and more spread out and parents often have little experience with babies. For example, it is amazing how few mothers and fathers have actually witnessed a baby at the breast. It is little wonder that it is often awkward when the infant is handed to his/her mother for the first time.

I see my role as assisting with filtering the voices and with sifting through the vast body of written and internet resources. I hope to contribute to a feeling of safety so that parents explore their choices in a supportive environment and grow in confidence, trusting their own intuition and growing as parents and people in general.”

What others are saying about Nurturing Nana…

“Joan is incredible – so knowledgeable about breastfeeding basics and infant care, a wealth of info on other resources as well. Joan’s consistent accessibility, total willingness to be helpful any way she could was so valuable. I didn’t have to ask her to do anything – she saw an opportunity to help and took it! She’s awesome!”
– Liz, mom of Miles and Matteo

“Considering the boys are our first(s), Joan was essential in educating us about the whole process. She focused on my support role and made me feel connected…she was a patient and understanding listener. We’re just about the most neurotic new parents imaginable, but she made us feel secure. Can Joan clone herself so that there’s more of her to go around? Seriously, top notch all around.”
– Nick, dad of Miles and Matteo

“…highly recommend Joan as a Postpartum Doula…an invaluable resource to us as we faced new parenthood…with many insecurities about the unknown. Joan’s unwavering support was a life saver. She not only helped me and my husband get comfortable with all the tasks associated with caring for a newborn, her way of encouraging me along the way really helped to build my confidence as a mom…I consider her a surrogate “nana” to our daughter.”
–Diane, mom to Gabriella

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