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Postpartum Depression…Can a Postpartum Doula Help?

As this is a frequently asked question I thought it important to discuss briefly.  It certainly is a profound and complicated issue.  There are many concerns today about postpartum depression and the need for professional help and support may be … Continue reading

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Have you seen a baby breastfeed?

“A picture is worth a 1000 words”…”Seeing is believing”  Both of these sayings have recently come to me as I attempt to share about something that I have wanted to articulate for many years.  What was so special about the … Continue reading

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Determining what support YOU need postpartum?

Almost without exception I hear from couples when I first meet them, “we don’t know what we need in the way of support.”  This is a totally individual thing to sort out and generally a question that most expectant couple … Continue reading

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